Why Luminous?

We aim to be a creative and positive filter for young people in this information saturated digital world. We want to highlight the interesting, useful and inspiring by curating good video content from around the world and helping to spark the important skills of discussion, listening and reflection.

How we can help schools

Weekly resources

We provide structured and regular resources for tutor times, circle times and class-based assemblies on an easily accessible and shareable format, saving teachers valuable preparation time. Editions are published weekly during term time.

Engaging content

Having over 15 years experience in education, schools can be assured we know the demands and dynamics of the educational world and tailor content accordingly. Developed with today’s pupils in mind, we use short bitesize videos instead of worksheets to spark curiosity, empathy and engagement.

SMSC, Wellbeing and OFSTED

Schools can use Luminous as evidence for OFSTED of how they promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of their students. Our editions also develop discussion, oracy and critical thinking skills within the safe and familiar class environment.

Luminous is a resource where teachers and students can learn and discover together; fostering good relationships and wellbeing within schools.

Luminous includes...

  • Weekly editions on a digital platform during term time.
  • Created by teachers, for teachers.
  • Curated videos under the themes: Ideas, People and Wonder.
  • Curated with the requirements of SMSC in mind.
  • Discussion questions, quizzes and activities based on topics brought up in videos.
  • Designed to be an enjoyable resource for pastoral times in schools.
  • A wellbeing page with inspirational quotes, mindfulness activities and relaxing music
  • A useful search feature to look through the back catalogue of editions

Tailored for different ages and schools

Primary KS2

Our KS2 resource features an ‘Assemble’ page with guidance on how to create a school assembly based on one of the themes in the edition.

Find out more about our KS2 content

Secondary KS3

Our KS3 resource features quizzes and discussion questions based around the topics raised in the shared videos each week.

Find out more about our KS3 content

Secondary KS4

Our KS4 resource features a current affairs and debate style page covering topical news events highlighted for discussion, encouraging students to think globally and engage in meaningful conversation.

Find out more about our KS4 content

Faith pages

Faith Additions which includes a prayer and scripture study based on the Church of England Calendar.

Christian Faith schools are required to provide resources for daily collective worship. Often this is done in assemblies but knowing the logistical pressures of having all children in an assembly every day, Luminous offers a solution..

Find out more about our faith content

Subscription types:

  • Individual Teacher subscriptions: Luminous could form part of an individual teacher’s resource toolkit to help enrich their classroom practices. It could also be useful for supply teachers going in and out of different schools. This subscription would give one user access to the site.
  • School subscriptions with unlimited users: The flexible ‘pick up and play’ nature of this digital resource allows teachers to either dig deep or dip into any section at their convenience throughout the week. Luminous is therefore a resource that can be used according to individual teachers’ or schools’ needs, policies and timetables. A school subscription gives unlimited users access to the site.
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