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Projected onto a screen, our digital resource is perfect for tutor times or class-based assemblies, supporting SMSC, promoting student wellbeing and saving teachers valuable time!

How to use our video pages

Depending on the key stage, there will be different pages in the edition. However, all key stages start with three video pages with content related to the broad themes of IDEAS, PEOPLE and WONDER. For...

How to use our News page

The News page, on the KS4 resource, covers topical news stories highlighted for discussion. The aim is to encourage students to think locally and globally.

How to use our Faith Addition

Christian Faith schools are required to provide resources for daily collective worship. Often this is done in assemblies but knowing the logistical pressures of having all children in an assembly ever...

How to use our Assemble page

This page is for subscribers to the KS2 resource and is a structural guide to help teachers plan an assembly based on a theme from that week’s edition.

How to use our Battles page

The Battles page is designed for KS4 students to practise their presenting and debating skills and it encourages them to explore and consider different perspectives and viewpoints.