Keystage 4

A group of happy and inspired KS4 students

We know the pressures on KS4 students and their tutors and so wanted to create a resource which supports an enjoyable break from the expectations and demands of the school day. Luminous curates the internet for interesting and inspiring short videos and provides discussion and debate style questions for the students to explore with their peers. Luminous is a simple to use site that can easily be projected onto an interactive whiteboard or screen.

Inside our editions:
  • A shared video based around the theme of IDEAS
  • A shared video based around the theme of PEOPLE
  • A shared video based around the theme of WONDER
  • A quiz based on each video
  • Discussion questions and short activities based on each video
  • Battles - motions for students to debate
  • Current affairs discussion points
  • A wisdom quote
  • Mindfulness activities

The flexible ‘pick up and play’ nature of Luminous allows teachers to either dig deep or dip into any section at their convenience throughout the week.

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