Keystage 3

A Key Stage 3 tutor group during an SMSC session at their school

We know that often tutors in schools are too busy to prepare activities for tutor times, so we wanted to support them and create a resource which is simple to use and helps structure tutor times, whilst also making it an enjoyable way to build relationships with tutees. Luminous publishes new editions weekly, providing engaging content designed to promote curiosity and discussion within a classroom setting. Luminous is a simple to use site that can easily be projected onto an interactive whiteboard or screen.

Inside our editions:
  • A shared video based around the theme of IDEAS
  • A shared video based around the theme of PEOPLE
  • A shared video based around the theme of WONDER
  • A quiz based on each video
  • Discussion questions and short activities based on each video
  • A wisdom quote
  • Mindfulness activities

The flexible ‘pick up and play’ nature of Luminous allows teachers to either dig deep or dip into any section at their convenience throughout the week.

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