Faith Schools

A happy young boy attending a faith school.

We are aware that some Christian Faith schools are required to provide resources for daily Collective Worship. Often this is done in assemblies but knowing the logistical pressures of having all children in an assembly every day, we hope to have created a solution. Our Faith School addition provides an extra section to each edition which includes a prayer and scripture study typically based on the Psalms and the Christian calendar.

We endeavour to ensure this content is relevant and accessible to all students and staff whether they have a personal faith or none.

Prayer: This is often a short and simple prayer and is a way to consolidate the message, moral or themes raised in the edition. It could be used for personal reflection or be said together in the form of collective worship.

Scripture study: We often choose to explore the Psalms as they are a useful way to engage with our own thoughts and personal journeys. The Psalms are like personal letters to God, full of human emotions such as hope, fear, anger and joy. These we can all relate to no matter who we are or what we believe. Indeed, having the time to reflect on our own emotions is an important part of developing emotional literacy and wellbeing.

The golden rule: All editions are built on the foundation of the golden rule - that we should treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves. Our aim is that we help young people to think about the mark they are leaving in this world.


School chaplains may find Luminous to be a useful resource as they are often called upon to provide assembly/collective worship material. This can be a very time consuming activity and as our editions are weekly and require no preparation, chaplains could have more time to focus on their other vital roles, not least to be present and build relationships with staff and students.

The Faith School Addition package costs just £20 and would be attached on to a school’s annual subscription.

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