Projected onto a screen, our digital resource is perfect for tutor times or class-based assemblies, supporting SMSC, promoting student wellbeing and saving teachers valuable time!

The site is full of thought-provoking themes, engaging video content and structured resources to encourage students to openly discuss, question and wonder about the world around them and their place in it.

Perfect for:

Tutor times
Reducing planning time
Class-based assemblies
SMSC and wellbeing

Each week we feature three videos for young people to watch based on the overarching themes of Ideas, People and Wonder. We believe these themes have the capacity to engage interest, encourage empathy and inspire young people as they explore a sense of who and how they want to be in this world. We then provide additional resources to encourage mindful reflection, curiosity and discussion about ideas raised in the videos.

Mindfulness reflections
Quizzes & activities
Discussion questions

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Keystage 2

Our KS2 resource includes weekly shared videos with quizzes, short activities and discussion questions, mindfulness reflections and assembly guides based on a theme covered in the edition.

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Keystage 3

Our KS3 resource includes weekly shared videos with quizzes, discussion questions, wisdom quotes and mindfulness activities designed to allow students to refocus their minds, relax and reflect on their day.

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Keystage 4

Our KS4 resource includes weekly shared videos with discussion questions, mindfulness activities, and a ‘battle’ page for debate style motions inspired by themes raised in the edition. A motion example: ‘The voting age should change from 18 to 16’.

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What others are saying

It’s a great way to spend tutor time, actually interesting to do. I always learn something new and it is motivational for the rest of the school day.
Year 10 Student
Used Luminous this week and they love it! Sparked so much great chat and engagement. Lots of great ideas and questions. One child I couldn’t engage said he felt inspired by one of the videos and that he needs to try more stuff as there are no obstacles in his way. So far it’s had exactly the reaction I wanted 👍
Year 5 Primary school teacher
A fantastic resource for inspiring earnest conversation and reflection within my Year 7 tutor group. The videos introduce big ideas, and the accompanying discussion questions nudge students towards exploring different answers and confidently forming their own opinions. Luminous curates the internet every week to find relevant, diverse content presented in a way that every students can engage with. The range of material benefits the students by drastically expanding their understanding of what kind of content they can learn from.
Teacher and Year 7 Tutor
As a teacher and tutor of over 20 years I would highly recommend Luminous for use as an education resource. I use it weekly as part of a regular tutor programme slot to show the three videos and use the prompt points for discussion. The video clips are all appropriate and carefully selected to prompt discussion and creative thought. The students really enjoy this session and love the range of video topics. In addition, the section on wellbeing and mindfulness is another area that the students enjoy and is an important aspect in students all round well being.
KS3 coordinator & Year 10 tutor
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